Learning and having fun

2020, Sep 24    

Today I met with my mentor, Dr. Bowring, and showed him my progress on a sorter project I am working on. Now, I have a few fixes and improvements to make. I also started a new Udemy course today on Data Structures and Algorithms in Java! So far it’s interesting and informative. I’m really enjoying my classes this semester related to my major, too; Computer Programming II, Intro to Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming, and Discrete Structures I. I’m having a great time now that school has started back, even though I am not going to classes in person. I do wish I was in Charleston with my friends like normal, though! But perhaps next semester I will be. Looking forward to coming back soon.

I also want to note that soon I will begin working on Squid with CIRDLES! I am so excited and ready for all the new challenges to come. Next update coming soon!